Dingo Deli

Hoi An Restaurants | International
7.30am – 9.30pm every day
463 Cua Dai
+84 (0) 70 600 9300 (delivery and bookings)

Dingo Deli is a delectable Western Oasis in an Asian world – Lavazza coffee, smoked ham, Parmesan cheese in blocks and a bakery with a constantly changing array of pastries and breads. With one of Hoi An’s best international menus, a Western mini-mart and a quality children’s playground, expats rely on it heavily.

Dingo Deli external

Half way between the beach and the Old Town on Cua Dai, Dingo Deli offers capacious booths outdoors and a crisply air-conditioned interior of tables and lounges. The menu has an excellent selection: from gourmet pies to pasta, from Mediterranean salads to baked dinners, from all-day breakfasts to sandwiches. Home delivery is offered at no extra charge – one of the few home delivery services in Hoi An, pizza and Indian specialists aside. See the home delivery menu here.

But Dingo Deli is not just a delicatessen cum quality café cum restaurant. It’s evolved into a community center with a notice board promoting local NGO activity and there is information about businesses from all over town. It is a vocal supporter, in particular, of the Kianh Foundation (specialist care group for children born with disabilities).

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Stuart Neal

Former publisher at ABC Books and Consultant Publisher at Allen & Unwin in Australia, Stuart Neal is co-founder of the travel website, Hoi An Now.

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